Hammer Bad Intentions Ball Information

BadIntentions BadIntentions_Core
COLOR: Black
REACTION: Strong Continuous Backend
COVERSTOCK: Juiced Xtreme
FACTORY FINISH: 500/2000 Abralon®
BEST LANE CONDITION: Medium to Heavy Oil
CORE: Spheroid
CORE TYPE: Symmetrical
SPHEROID CORE: The Spheroid core has many of the dynamic properties found in some of the most successful core shapes in the history of bowling. Arguably, the most successful shape in history was used in the original Blue Hammer. This design was the founding premise behind our new Spheroid shape.
As always with Hammer, we’ve poured the Spheroid core with Flex-Resin and infused the outer core with Carbon Fiber to create the hardest hitting and most durable ball possible. We back this claim with an industry best 3 year warranty.

JUICED EXTREME: The Juiced Extreme is a solid cover with great traction, but the great thing about the Bad Intentions is the cover is clean enough, even with some teeth, to get down the lane and produce a backend reaction that’s nothing but good.
“Hammer has a grittier, bigger hooking ball for you , we call it Bad Intentions.” – Hammer

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How Bad Are Your Intentions?

Hook Ability Power
The Bad Intentions brings a new meaning to it's very own name. This ball motion aggressive, smooth, and powerful all at the same time. The pins just don't know what hit them.
The ball creates a strong motion throughout the length of the lane.

Hammer Bad Intentions

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